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Child Custody Battles in the Age of COVID-19

Child Custody Battles in the Age of COVID-19

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If you are facing child custody issues, it is hard – even in the best of times. Now, however, can hardly be described as the best of times. Now that COVID-19 is officially a pandemic, a national emergency has been declared, and we are all practicing social distancing, having a child custody issue can feel overwhelming. If you have questions about your child custody arrangements, it should help to know that an experienced Huntsville child custody attorney can help.

Follow Your Standing Custody Orders

Although the novel coronavirus has altered all of our lives in ways that none of us were prepared for, it does not affect your standing custody orders. The court-ordered days that you have the children remain the same. This means that you and your ex should continue to pick up and drop off on the same days and at the same times and places that you were before. The continuity and structure that this provides you children can be especially beneficial to them in these difficult times. 

Extenuating Circumstances

Although your custody schedule remains the same, this does not mean that you should follow it blindly. If, for instance, either you or your ex is exhibiting signs of the virus, you should obviously make alternate visitation plans that help limit exposure and help keep everyone safer. Further, if you have credible concerns that your ex isn’t taking the issue seriously enough and you fear for your children’s health, this is something you should bring up with your child custody attorney – who will help you forge a safer path forward. 

Your Life Now

You may be working from home now – while you homeschool your kids (who are on what feels like a permanent furlough) – and it just seems like a lot. This is because it is a lot, but there are ways that you can help make the most of it – and actually enjoy your time together. The following can help:

  • Stick to a Schedule – Kids crave structure (and at this point, you probably do, too), so have your kids stick to a bedtime and get up at a reasonable time in the morning. While it’s fine to plan special meals and activities that don’t fit the schedule, try to stick to a fairly consistent routine that includes mealtimes, screen time, outdoor activities, and more.
  • Build in One-on-One Time – Make it a point to plan something special to do with each of your children alone. This can be as simple as reading him or her a favorite story, painting a picture, or doing anything else your little one enjoys. Of course, also plan special activities to do with all your kids as a family. Daily walks can do everyone a world of good. 
  • Stay in Touch – When your kids are with you, make it easy for them to get in touch with their other parent by video chatting, calling, or even playing games online. Don’t forget to also reach out to grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, and loved ones. Staying in touch can help all of us get through this, but it is especially important for children.

You Need an Experienced Huntsville Child Custody Attorney

In these difficult times, the compassionate child custody attorneys at Cloud Ryan & Rouse, LLC, proudly serving Huntsville, are on your side. If you have custody concerns, we’re here to help you solve them. To schedule a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 256-801-1000 today.

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