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Common Causes of Divorce

Common Causes of Divorce

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Divorce frequently ends marriages in the U.S. There are various reasons that couples list for pursuing the dissolution of their marriage, such as addiction and infidelity. An experienced divorce attorney can help you as you enter this new phase of life.

With 40 to 50 percent of American marriages ending in divorce, there are a variety of reasons for couples to split. Just as each marriage is unique, the reasons for dissolving the marriage are unique. What ends one marriage may not even phase another. Whatever your reason for seeking a divorce, you can benefit from the services of a seasoned Huntsville divorce lawyer.

Common Reasons for Couples to Get Divorced  

Reasons for divorce can range from minor to significant infractions in the relationship. A Huntsville divorce lawyer can help you through the divorce process, no matter your reason for getting divorced. However, the most common reasons that married couples cite for their split include:

  1. Substance abuse: The abuse of alcohol or drugs has been shown to have at least a partial impact on causing a divorce in about half of all divorces. Most of the time, the abuse built gradually over the course of the relationship. However, it became the final straw that ended the relationship once it seemed insurmountable. 
  2. Domestic violence: More than 25% of couples reported domestic violence was a reason for their divorce. Some describe it as abuse and others as physical aggression. Many initially believed they could work things out surrounding this issue but later found out it was unbearable.  
  3. Financial hardships: Problems with finances is a primary reason for divorce as it places stress on the marriage relationship. Each spouse typically goes into the marriage with different views and values about money.
  4. Marriage expectations: Expectations for the marriage aren’t often identical for each spouse. Some spouses can feel like unrealistic expectations are being placed on them. In contrast, others don’t feel that any of their expectations are being met. This can drive either spouse to pursue a divorce. 
  5. Infidelity: Another contributing factor to divorce is infidelity, with nearly 90 percent of divorcing couples listing it as a cause. 

Sometimes there are multiple reasons for a divorce, with one reason leading to the others. For example, one spouse could have a substance abuse problem, which causes financial hardship, and the other spouse to cheat.

Do Reasons Matter?

In Alabama, you can file a no-fault divorce based on the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or incompatibility. A no-fault divorce is generally the easiest and more straightforward way to obtain a divorce. Though in some cases, spouses want the court to list a reason based on their spouse’s conduct. In these cases, it can matter why you are filing for divorce. You can file a fault divorce in Alabama for many different reasons. These include habitual drunkenness, adultery, and abandonment for at least 12 months. Talk to your Huntsville divorce attorney before you file for divorce to determine if you should file a fault or a no-fault divorce.

Contact an Experienced Huntsville Divorce Lawyer for Help Today 

We are here to help no matter your reasons for filing for divorce. Our attorneys will review your circumstances and develop an individualized plan for your divorce. Book a free consultation with a Huntsville divorce attorney by calling Cloud, Ryan & Rouse at 256-801-1000 or using our online contact form.

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