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Common Custody Issues Over Summer Break

Common Custody Issues Over Summer Break

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During this time, when the kids are off of school, parents understandably want their fair share of time with the kids and may even want to take them out of town. Summer break often brings up serious custody issues. Some common issues can be avoided with planning and communication. 

Summer break is approaching quickly. Many parents and children alike are dreaming of carefree days with warm weather, the outdoors, and maybe even a vacation. However, custody issues can get in the way of those plans, sometimes turning these dreams into nightmares. If you are struggling with custody issues, it’s time to call an experienced Huntsville child custody lawyer who can help you get a fair arrangement.

Custody Scheduling Issues

Your court order might already include a schedule or provision for how custody will be shared over summer breaks. It might be every other week or even a few weeks or months with one parent. It might even be left up to the parents to determine. Some custody orders stipulate that the parents must notify the other within a certain time before a planned vacation or holidays that could impact the custody plan. To help prevent scheduling issues, know what your custody plan says and speak to a Huntsville child custody attorney if you desire to seek other arrangements. 

Communication Issues

Parents who share custody often make the mistake of thinking they are on the same page about the summer break schedule. In reality, they are far apart. If possible and depending on your relationship with your child’s other parent, it’s helpful to have a meeting or a discussion about the expectations for the summer schedule and any scheduling needs either parent has. If you don’t have an amicable relationship with the other parent, your Huntsville child custody lawyer can help facilitate communication. Having an understanding regarding a set schedule can be invaluable when it comes to maintaining peace over the summer as well as getting your own needs met. 

Child Support Confusion 

Sometimes the noncustodial parent is under the impression that they don’t need to pay child support if they have their children for an extended time during summer break. If that parent has the children for a month over summer break, they might conclude that they don’t have to pay child support for that month or that it’s not a big deal if they don’t. However, this isn’t true. Noncustodial parents need to continue to pay child support as usual during this time. If they don’t, they could face legal penalties and enforcement procedures. If you believe that a modification to the child support order might be necessary, a Huntsville child custody attorney can help with that as well.

A Huntsville Child Custody Lawyer Can Help

Don’t let custody issues ruin your summer. If you need help, our legal team can get to work helping you resolve these issues. Schedule your custody consultation with experienced Huntsville child custody attorneys by calling Cloud, Ryan & Rouse at 256-801-1000 or using our convenient online contact form.

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