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Ways Your Spouse Might Gain an Unfair Advantage in Divorce

Ways Your Spouse Might Gain an Unfair Advantage in Divorce

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While not everything in life can be fair, including a divorce, you have certain rights that shouldn’t be squandered or ignored. When you have an experienced divorce attorney on your side, you can avoid letting your spouse have an unfair advantage in your divorce.

Some divorces are amicable and resolved quickly. They may never have issues that need to be addressed in the future. Other divorces can be highly complicated or contentious, such as those with high assets or when the couple has children. Either way, you deserve for the divorce playing field to be leveled, and hiring a skilled Huntsville divorce lawyer can help immensely in protecting your rights. Watch out for these ways your soon-to-be ex-spouse might be trying to gain an unfair advantage in your divorce with the help of a Huntsville divorce attorney.

Hiding Assets

Some spouses attempt to hide assets in a divorce. If they can hide them from you and your attorney, they don’t risk losing them in the divorce. However, if they are caught, the judge will likely consider their actions when determining property division under Alabama law, and they could face legal ramifications. Be on the lookout for these signs and others that your spouse could be hiding assets:

  1. Overpaying debts—Some spouses overpay debts, especially to the IRS. Their goal is to receive a refund for the overpayment once the divorce is finalized.
  2. Controlling the finances—Spouses can also attempt to divert funds into an account that you aren’t aware of. If they suddenly change passwords to financial accounts or you stop receiving bank statements in the mail, these could be red flags.
  3. Opening a private post office box—If you learn that your spouse has opened a private post office box, they may be using it to hide statements and bills from new accounts.

Parental Alienation

Another tactic used by some spouses in a divorce is to attempt to alienate the other parent. They slowly work to convince your child(ren) that you are a terrible person or have abandoned them. They want to turn the child(ren) away from you. Luckily, family courts don’t take these actions lightly. If you suspect your spouse is doing this, tell your Huntsville divorce lawyer right away.

Making False Accusations

When spouses get desperate for something to go their way or to gain control over a situation, they sometimes turn to making false accusations. They hope their accusations will lead to a more favorable outcome for them. If your marriage is coming to an end and your spouse is making false claims against you, time is the essence. An experienced Huntsville divorce attorney can offer valuable legal advice and help with the collection of evidence to prove they are false.

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