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Do You Need An Attorney For A Custody Case?

Do You Need An Attorney For A Custody Case?

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A child custody battle can be emotionally stressful for all parties, and you want the best possible outcome for you and your child. That’s why it’s so important to have your case handled by a Huntsville child custody attorney.

No matter which way you look at it, parents separating can be a contentious process, even when it serves the mutual best interests of the couple. Factor children between the couple into the equation and things are just bound to get more complicated and even more contentious.

Unless one partner was abusive or neglectful to the children in any way, both partners will likely want to attain some level of shared or joint involvement in their children’s lives. And unless a noncustodial partner was neglectful or abusive, they are legally entitled to enjoy reasonable visitation and contact rights.

In a court of law, how can you attain the most satisfactory possible custody agreement that pleases both parties? Alternatively, how can you obtain the most satisfactory custodial agreement that protects your children from a neglectful, abusive ex? And how can a Huntsville child custody attorney help you come to that satisfactory agreement?

What Does A Child Custody Lawyer Do?

A child custody lawyer’s job title might sound fairly self-explanatory: they handle cases and litigation matters related to child custody agreements in the aftermath of a divorce. But how exactly can they support you in building, strengthening, and arguing your case?

They can do so in a vast number of ways, offering a vast number of resources that would be much harder to attain elsewhere, resources like:

  1. Getting all of your necessary paperwork in order
  2. Advising you of your parental rights under Alabama child custody laws
  3. Gathering reference letters that attest in your favor
  4. Guidance on the judge you’re being assigned
  5. Expert witness contacts who can strengthen your case
  6. Guidance relating to what you should and should not do
  7. Preparing your personal testimony and answers to questions

Only certain evidence will be deemed “admissible” in court, and a lawyer can also help you discern what will or won’t be considered admissible. Furthermore, if domestic violence or other forms of abuse factor into your case, then having trusted legal counsel on hand will be a must.

Yes, you technically could represent yourself, but your best bet will be receiving support from additional professional resources. Projecting your children from an abusive ex’s wrath is not something that you’ll want to leave up to chance, and here, in these situations, your best fighting chance will be partnering with a trusted Huntsville child custody attorney.

Seek Help from a Huntsville Child Custody Attorney

Emotions can run high in a child custody case, which is why it’s advisable that you work with trusted professionals who can voice your case and stand up for your rights in an objective and effective manner. If you’re an area resident who’s facing a potentially contentious custody battle, then consider contacting our Huntsville child custody attorneys today to determine if our services are right for your case.

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